Why You Should Get a Phlebotomy Certification as an EMT

phlebotomy certification

If you’re an emergency medical technician (EMT) or other medical professional, you can’t go wrong adding more skills to your toolbox. Getting a certification in phlebotomy is one of the most useful skills you can have if you’re an emergency responder.

So what are the benefits of this skillset? We’re happy to explain.

Keep reading to learn more about getting a phlebotomy certification and how it can be helpful to your EMT career.

You Will Get More Seasoned and Much Better at Your Job

Getting a phlebotomy certification will flat out make you better at your job. This skill set involves drawing blood, issuing injections, hooking up IVs, and a variety of other jobs.

When you have a phlebotomist certification, you can go out on every call without having to be held back for liability issues. The more comfortable you are with this skill set, the more credible and capable you’ll be.

It Can Open the Door to a Long Medical Career

As you brush up on phlebotomist skills, you will begin to explore more facets of the medical field. Taking emergency calls and drawing patients’ blood every day might pique your curiosity about furthering your education.

You might look into going into medical school after picking up these additional skills, or perhaps you’ll look into becoming a nurse or getting your paramedic certification. This small step to better yourself could lead to a rewarding career path that you otherwise wouldn’t have pursued.

This Certification Gives You the Fulfillment of Helping People and Saving More Lives

Enjoying job fulfillment can be more rewarding to your life than you know. Few things are more fulfilling than knowing you were directly responsible for saving someone’s life.

There are several medical situations that dictate the drawing of blood. When you have this certification you’ll get more direct time with these patients, and get to be hands-on with each call. Not only will you improve your medical skills, but you’ll also bolster your people skills as a result.

A person going through a medical emergency will already be high-strung and potentially frightened or in pain. Having to draw blood while they’re in this state will require tact, skill, and a calm and trusting demeanor.

That way, you’ll be able to do your job correctly, which is best for your patients. Many people who get these kinds of certifications say that the constant face time and conversations with patients often become the best part of the job.

Bolster Your Career With a Phlebotomy Certification

When you get a phlebotomy certification, you’ll appreciate the perks above, among others. This is an excellent skill that you can use to beef up your resume, and you will appreciate how much it helps you as a medical professional.

Whether you’ve been an EMT for years and are looking to add to your skillset, or a budding medical professional looking for the long-term, you’ll want to look into this training.

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