Terms and Conditions

Student Agreement

I have read all information pertained in this application booklet and understand that the National Association of Phlebotomy Technician (NATPT) reserves the right to deny my application, revoke my eligibility (if I qualify as a candidate) or take action against me if I become a registrant and if documentation that you provide is found to be fraudulent, misrepresenting, if I do not meet the application qualifications (including high school graduation or documentation of any conviction) or maintain the requirements of maintaining the active status of my credential. I authorize NAPTP and its agents, at their sole discretion, to request any and all information concerning material related to this application. I authorize NAPTP to communicate information  regarding my application and other credential related information to government authorities, employers and others. I agree to comply with the NAPTP Code of Ethics, all rules, regulations and policies (now existing or adopted in the future) pertaining to this application and to the standards and renewal of any credential I may receive through NAPTP. I hereby release and shall indemnify and hold harmless, NATPT, committee members, employees, and agents (hereinafter, individually and collectively, “NAPTP Entities”) from and against and with respect to any and all liability and claims (including but not limited to losses, costs, expenses, damages and judgments including legal fees) that arise or allegedly arise from, with respect to, out of, or in connection with any action or omission of the NAPTP Entities. My agreement, hereunder, is to indemnify and hold harmless any and all such liability and claims relating to any NAPTP examination and application. And, if applicable and without limitation, the failure of NAPTP to issue to me a NAPTP credential, renew said credential or pre-existing credential awarded to me, NATPT’s revocation of any credential previously issued to me, or NAPTP’s notification to any person of such actions taken by NATPT.


The applicant acknowledges and understands that his or her success or outcome from the NAPTP Programs, classes or study guides depends upon the level of effort, ability and attention the applicant brings to and applies in the learning process. No additional support, training, teaching, or act by or on behalf of the Institution is expressly promised or implied, beyond the tutorials and study guides that is presented. The Institution makes no express or implied representation as to applicants’ successful application of the knowledge or skills learned from any study guide or tutorials, classes or clinicals conducted by the Institution. The Institution does not provide placement services and does not guarantee or promise that the Student will achieve any particular outcome from any exam or credential, acquire a job of any kind following completion of a tutorials, exam or the other, or that the applicant will complete or pass any licensing exam as a result of attending or completing any Program of study offered by the NAPTP. The NAPTP is not affiliated nor endorses any programs or other institutions that offer programs of study or other credentialing in the field of telemetry in the continent of North America.


The Student acknowledges receipt of and reading and understanding these Terms and Conditions.