RN’s can use NAPTP’s Phlebotomy National Certification for 16 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)

phlebotomy certification

Medical practitioners are required to continue their education after getting into their careers. Managing their professional workload and the educational requirements can prove quite the task, even for veterans in the field.

The National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals is a nationally accredited body that provides different kinds of professional certifications that can help you along in your career or help qualify you to practice an unfamiliar discipline.

The requirements for taking the NAPTP phlebotomy exam include comprehensive job experience, an understanding of rules of procedure, HIPAA and OSHA regulations, and more of what a certified phlebotomist needs to know.

For registered nurses, the course offers an opportunity to learn about recent developments within the field of phlebotomy, helping them conduct blood draws and take samples effectively, efficiently, and without incident. It also provides them with an added notch on their belt in the form of a national certification, which can help distinguish them from other candidates in the running for a particular job listing. Since the entire course is online, students can pace themselves according to their own schedules, making it more accommodating for professionals with odd hours.

Beyond the benefits of the exam itself, the course is also a great chance for currently practicing nurses to earn plenty of continuing education credits. The NAPTP is allowed to grant up to 15.5 CEHs to any successful candidate through the National Telemetry Association (NTA), accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Pre-hospital Continuing Education. To be considered a successful candidate, a student must obtain at least an 85% score on the online test, after which they will be mailed their certification within 7-10 business days, along with a patch to sew onto their lab coats.

If you’ve been on the lookout for other certification courses, the NAPTP has a few others on offer that you should check out. These include a Review Course and Exam that helps test takers who aren’t familiar with recent course material prepare for the actual certification test and an immunization course and exam that deals with aspects of vaccination procedures and protocols.

If you’d like to learn more about the courses and exams offered by the NAPTP, click here to send in a query through their contact page. You can also find additional information regarding courses, as well as recent developments in the field of phlebotomy, on their website if you’d like to know more.