Register For The Instructor Certification

The NAPTP is pleased to announce its new phlebotomy instructor course.  This course will certify those who are looking to teach classes in phlebotomy at their local community college, private school or government facility.  The course covers the methods of how to teach adult learners and covers topics such as teaching those with learning disabilities, how to hold the attention of students, classroom preparation and much more.  There is an exam following the modules which prospective instructors must pass to ear their certification.  Those who are interested in becoming an instructor must first be certified by the NAPTP in Phlebotomy.

Topics covered include:

Challenges of teaching adults

Presentation of information

Recognizing different learning styles

Developing a syllabus

Commanding a classroom

How to handle conflict


Understanding different learning styles

Psychology of learning

Environment and the classroom

Maslow hierarchy of needs

Erickson’s theory of development