NAPTP Immunization Course & Exam

On-Demand, Self-Paced Immunization Course & Exam

Our NAPTP Review course is a self paced and 100% online class that will help you learn the necessary skills and knowledge needed to learn immunization and vaccine administration techniques. Inside of our course are a variety of study guide PDFs, modules, and corresponding videos embedded in the curriculum. Our Immunization & Vaccination course also includes access to the National Immunization Technician exam to gain national certification by the NAPTP.

Self-Paced Course

Our NAPTP Immunization & Vaccination course is fully self-paced and on-demand, meaning you can fit it into your existing schedule and take the course on your desktop (or even mobile phone) while you’re on the go.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Immunization & Vaccination certification course covers the following main topics: Introduction to Immunization Safety, The Integumentary System, Overview of Injections, and The Process For Immunizations. There are a total of 19 self-paced modules including videos, PowerPoints, study guides, and more.

Phlebotomy Technician

Become Nationally Certified in Immunization

After completing your course, you’ll have access to the National Immunization Technician Certification Exam. Upon successful passing with a score of 85% or more, you will gain your certification from the NAPTP and will receive a hardcopy certificate, national certification ID number (for employer validation), and a hand sewn patch.

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