Benefit of Phlebotomy Certification for Medical Assistants

phlebotomy certification

When you’re interested in bolstering your career as a medical assistant, it’s all about picking up skills. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals must constantly learn and act on the fly to provide for patients. As an assistant, you need to be just as versatile to keep providing value. Getting a phlebotomy certificate will be one of the best tools you add to your kit. But what exactly is phlebotomy? Why is this certification so useful to your career? How can I get a phlebotomy certification near me? We’re glad to explain.

Keep reading to learn more about getting a phlebotomy certification.

A Phlebotomy Certification Immediately Improves Your Career Prospects

Deciding to learn about phlebotomy can open doors. This area of medicine revolves around drawing blood that is studied and analyzed when treating patients.

When you receive a national phlebotomy certification, you greatly increase the career prospects you can take advantage of. Since there are several medical situations in which blood must be drawn, this is a valuable tool to have on your resume.

You Can Begin to Demand More Salary

If you’re thinking about getting into phlebotomy, you need to understand the compensation benefits as well. This skill immediately bumps you up a notch above entry-level medical assistant jobs and can open you up to a higher pay scale.

When you’re certified in phlebotomy, you become a more attractive and competitive job seeker. And you’ll appreciate what it does for your income. The upper 90% in this career field earn $24 per hour or so.

It’s an Opportunity to Learn More About the Medical Field

More than anything else, getting a phlebotomy certification lets you learn more about the medical career path. Some of the job responsibilities you’ll face include answering patients’ questions, handling simple wounds, running diagnostic tests, and checking vitals and blood pressure.

If you have any aspirations of advancing throughout the medical field, learning how to get phlebotomy certification will be useful.

You Increase the Work Environments You Can Experience

When you’re a skilled phlebotomist, you will get the opportunity to work in several different environments. Some include medical offices, emergency response, non-profit organizations, and the armed forces.

Becoming a phlebotomist is a great idea if you’d like to break out of the norm. You’ll appreciate seeing new sights and experiences each day on the job.

Look Into Learning All About Phlebotomy

Getting a phlebotomy certification can be helpful to your career in several ways. When you’re prepared to take your career to new heights, never lose sight of the fact that phlebotomy is always in demand.

Continue to brush up on your skills by taking a phlebotomy certification test and getting other certifications. Today, you can even get a phlebotomy certification online. This allows you to take the coursework on your terms and on your time.

The National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals has been around for years and continues to advocate for patients and professionals. Take some time to contact us on the web if you have questions.